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 Prep and Paint Wood Siding

A good exterior paint job will protect your house from the elements, saving you the higher cost of extensive repairs. This project will help you with previously painted wood siding, but many of the procedures and advice hold true for other types of siding and exterior surfaces.

Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2014

Planning a wedding in 2014? Choosing a theme, and all of the necessities to go along with it, can be a big decision for a bride! Here are 5 top wedding trends for 2014 to help ease the pain: 1. Blush Shades With 2014 officially underway, you will start to see a return to very romantic shades.

 How to Use a Brush Chipper

Brush chippers convert unwanted tree waste into usable, dimensional chips that are ideal for use as mulch, compost and as a cover for pathways. There are many sizes of chippers, ranging from a six-inch diameter capacity for limbs up to a monster 18-inch chipper.