Product Catalog

8" Poly Porfiln Caster, Heavy Duty

28" Wide Outrigger

19"x7' WalkBoard, Aluminum/Plywood

7' Side Panel Guard Rail, Easi-Guard

5' End Panel Guard Rail, Easi-Guard

7' Diagonal Brace, Holed End

Step Frame, 5W x 5H C-Lock with inserts attached

APT's Model 190, (90 lb. class), Paving Breaker is tough and dependable; the high performance Model 190 is the most powerful air tool APT makes. It is designed for big jobs such as heavy demolition and concrete breaking. Since the Model 190 has the ability to penetrate the hardest concrete it is the tool of choice for road building and foundation removal

APT's Model 160, (60 lb. class), Paving Breaker, is a hard-hitting tool that can be used for medium to heavy demolition work and concrete breaking. The 160 is the perfect all-around breaker and one of the best tools on the market for asphalt cutting applications

Industrial 5000watt Generator, 50 State Model

Economical 4000watt Generator, 50 State Model