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LIFAN Power USA’s AXQ1-200 & AXQ1-200-CA is equipped with a 200amp DC welder and a 4500 surge AC watt generator. This unit is equipped with the never-go-flat foam filled tires and flip-up handle style mobility kit for easy transportation wherever the job calls. This generator/welder combination unit is ideal for the farm, job site, hunting, or any job that requires both electrical power and welding.

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8000 watts, 120/240V.  Full GFCI protection. Long run time - up to 10.4 hrs. 120/240V selector switch. 2 wheel kit & lift hook.

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7.8 hours contineous operation from 2.9 gal tank

sound rating 59 dba

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Rust-Oleum Striping Machine easy to apply sharp, crisp lines. Adjustable stripe width from 2" to 4", heavy duty wheels and comfortable trigger grip

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APT's Model 190, (90 lb. class), Paving Breaker is tough and dependable; the high performance Model 190 is the most powerful air tool APT makes. It is designed for big jobs such as heavy demolition and concrete breaking. Since the Model 190 has the ability to penetrate the hardest concrete it is the tool of choice for road building and foundation removal

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APT's Model 160, (60 lb. class), Paving Breaker, is a hard-hitting tool that can be used for medium to heavy demolition work and concrete breaking. The 160 is the perfect all-around breaker and one of the best tools on the market for asphalt cutting applications

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Industrial 5000watt Generator, 50 State Model

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Economical 4000watt Generator, 50 State Model

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