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Portable Light Tower

Portable Light Tower


600 Watts, 60,000 Lumens. The new TL1000 Tower Light is an inflatable, temporary light designed for lighting both large and confined, non-hazardous areas indoors with standard ceiling heights or outdoors. Diffused, 360 degree, glare-free lighting is provided while minimizing shadows. 

The unit inflates for operation in 30 seconds and remains inflated even with minor cuts or perforations. Full, 600 W illumination within 5 minutes. Tool free, no small parts or complex assembly required. Deflation is safe and easy, storing away quickly in a self- contained carry case. Power comes from a standard wall outlet or gasoline engine- powered generator for remote applications. Easy to clean with soap and water. Multiple applications are possible from construction to advertising and everything else in between. Comes with anchoring kit for windy conditions.


  • 24 Hour