Product Catalog

The power of a walk-behind cutter meets the portability of a handheld. The TS 800 Cutquik® cut-off machine from STIHL features a 16” cutting wheel, the largest size we offer in a handheld design. It’s the ideal alternative to conventional walk-behinds because it can be used handheld or quickly snapped into our cart for long, straight, controlled cuts.

The TS 420 is so popular, it could possibly be called “the standard” to which other cut-off machines are compared. Users like it because it is compact, lightweight, reliable and proves itself day in and day out, all day long.

The multi-purpose machine is designed for surfacing concrete floors, restoring or preparing wood decks and hardwood floors. Unique belt drive, three-head system is designed for smooth operation with superior results.

Made of strong lightweight aluminum. Two heavy-duty aluminum braces for added strength. 54 in. wood jam style handle

Rugged and durable, built to handle any job. Tamping with this tool pushes large aggregate to the bottom. Weight 14lbs. Lenght 36 in. Width 8in.

Improved asphalt lute has standard pointed teeth letting asphalt flow through. New lightweight bracket holds blade in place. 36 in. blade. 84 in. magnesium handle.

Ideal for tamping texture mats and achieving the right amount of pressure. Poly coated base prevents tearing or marring of texture mats. One piece no wooden handle to break. 15 lb.

The C10FCE2 10" Compound Miter Saw features an all new design. It cuts various types of wood, plywood, decorative panels, soft fiberboard, hard board and aluminum sashes.

The Zubri Z1-12CK heats approximately a 300 square foot area. No tools are necessary to assemble. Stores away in its own hard-shell carrying case. Utilizes 20 lb. propane tank. For outdoor use only. 20 lb. tank heats a 15 ft. radius for up to 12 hrs. on low setting.

Tent Heater


13 Gal

Ceramic tile scribe

8" Floor Scraper

Laminate Cutter

Carpet Edger

24", 36" or 48"

measuring wheel feet & inches


Ideal for removing and installing engines and other assorted lifting jobs. Boom hook rotates 360 degrees for ease picking up, loading and repositioning objects. Precision jack is engineered to exacting specifications, with slow release valves and chrome plated rams.

Even when heavily loaded, the KX71-3S won't slow down, thanks to its powerful breakout force. With the pin-on or quick coupler bucket, the bucket breakout force is more than enough for even the toughest excavating jobs.

Efficiently removes dirt, debris, bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites, pollen, wax, as well as chemical and detergent residue, petroleum based oil and grease, animal and vegetable fats from any surface.

The DH38YE Rotary Hammer is used for crushing, demolition, groove-digging, edging, trimming, removal of concrete, drilling concrete and drilling anchor bolt holes. Applications include installation of air conditioning, piping and wiring, electric fixtures, sanitary facilities, interior finishing and other building, construction and repair work.

We sell and install trailer hitches.


Gas Drill

Belt sander