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Battery Charger

Clean hard to reach places by using extended reach wands. Can be used on siding, house eaves, farm equipment, semi-tractor trailers and multi-story buildings

Nails firing strips into concrete

5000 lb capacity

vacuum cup

6.2cfm compressor 1.5hp 8 gal tank

78" grapple bucket


7.8 hours contineous operation from 2.9 gal tank

sound rating 59 dba

A non-conductive fiberglass stepladder (8')

A non-conductive fiberglass stepladder (10')

Pressure washer rotating tip

Pressure washer extension

small hammer drill

10" miter saw

7" circular saw


14",16", 18" or 20" bar

Holds 1/2 yard or 1 yard of concrete.  Requires a 5000# hitch to tow.

Garrett Metal Detector

The RentalPro 230 is a solid workhorse sprayer with performance points to cover both interior and exterior painting needs. Lightweight and portable, the RentalPro 230 is the ideal airless paint sprayer for the homeowner DIY'er and professional contractors.

WP3100 Wolf Pac Ride-On Asphalt Roller with a 35.4" working width is ideal for driveways, parking lots and other small paving jobs. The Wolf Pac 3100 roller’s combination of rear drum ballasting and internal front drum vibration allows the operator to match the machine to the application. Center point articulation, a short wheelbase and high curb and minimum wall clearance on both sides make this roller incredibly effective in confined areas.

Concrete Vibrator with a 1 hp Electric Motor meets a wide range of concrete consolidation.

CF36L Lightweight 36" Power Trowel allows you to get on green concrete sooner. Stone Smooth Operator Power Trowels offer precision handling for the professional concrete finisher and include patented features not available on any other brand.